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SWM-500 Seam Welding Machine

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SWM-500 Seam Welding Machine

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1. Power input voltage: three-phase, 380V ± 10%
2. Rated welding capacity: 40KVA
3. Rated load sustained rate: 40%
4. Welding wire feeding speed: 6.0-12m/min
5. Welding wire diameter range: Φ2.0-2.2mm
6. Secondary output voltage: 1.6-3.2V (at the maximum-energy moment of controllers)
7. Secondary voltage adjustment class: 6
8. Minimum diameter of welded workpieces: 100mm
9. Maximum length of welded workpieces: 500mm (customized according to special requirements)
10. Material thickness range of welded workpieces: cold-roll steel plates or tin plates δ0.5-1.2mm
11. Motor speed regulation mode: AC electromagnetic motor
12. Dimensions: length 2,200mm*width 1,100mm*height 1,600mm
13. Mass of welding main machine: 650Kg

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