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Metal Corrugated Spiral Pipe Machine

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Metal Corrugated Spiral Pipe Machine

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Technical parameters:

Diameter range: 500-5000mm
Material: cold rolled sheet: 1.5-3.0 mm, width:330mm,285mm
Decoiler: automatic load material, max load: 3000kg

inner coil: 460~520 mm, max. outer coiler:1400mm,
Seam type: locked outside the ducts

Wave sizet: 76*25mm, 68*13mm
Feeding speed: 0-20m/min,adjustable
Cutting type: Auto plasma cutting
Drive system: electric,hydraulic;
Total weight: 15 ton
Outside size: Main machine: 4.5x2.1x1.4 m
                         Decoiler: 2.1x1.2x1.75m.
                         Run out table: 3.2*2.1*1.2m
Total power: 44.5KW.
Electrical source:380V/50Hz/3ph
Control : PLC

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